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If Your Home Was in a Flood, Your Next Worry is Mold

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Expert Mold Remediation Service

Mold is dangerous. It grows silently, is difficult to remove, and poses a danger to your health. Typically, mold is not your only problem, because it usually stems from improperly handled or overlooked water damage. This is exactly why Restoration 1 of McDonough should be your first choice for mold remediation in Central Georgia. We’ll handle the problem for you!

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If Your Home Was in a Flood, Your Next Worry Is Mold

A flood can happen at a moment’s notice. We might get some warning, but unfortunately, a warning is not always enough for some homeowners. Damage can still occur. If your home was in a flood, it’s likely that water has seeped into every crack and crevice. Mold is a genuine concern when that happens. Thankfully, our technicians know where to look and how to properly treat mold infestations of any size.

Importance of Mold Remediation

Nearly every building in the country has some mold. However, this mold exists at an acceptable level that causes no harm to the inhabitants of the home or business. Mold remediation is a service designed to prevent mold from spreading further. We will reduce any amount of mold to an acceptable level.

Causes & Risks of Mold

As previously mentioned, mold is caused by moisture and water damage. The risks associated with mold are varied but significant. For instance, some may experience dizziness, headaches, coughing, throat irritation or rashes. Extremely sensitive people or cases of severe exposure can experience respiratory illness, bleeding lungs, depression, and asthma attacks. And yes, mold is also harmful to your pets.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold is one of the worst types of mold spores out there. It is black or green in color, potentially fuzzy or moist in appearance, and often causes a slew of harsh health conditions. If you have black mold or suspect it, be sure to avoid the growth. Do not handle it – you will spread the spores. Do not breathe it in. Contact the experts to safely handle any mold situation for you!

HVAC Cleaning And Decontamination

Mold spores love to travel along the path of least resistance. In a modern home or business, that means ductwork and the HVAC system. We’ll need to clean and decontaminate each component of the HVAC system to prevent the spread of mold. We can do that expertly to ensure no further contaminants are troubling you!

Preventative Measures

The key to preventing mold is to stop moisture in its tracks. In your home, moisture may stem from numerous sources. For instance, moisture can spread within a crawlspace, due to high humidity outdoors, or even appliances in the kitchen. If we reduce moisture, we can thereby stop mold from becoming a problem.

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