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The Leading Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

water damage restoration mcdonoughCommercial building managers have a lot of things trying to compete for their attention and their time. When it comes to property management and maintenance, every task is equally important. However, identifying and resolving water damage issues in commercial properties is and always has been among the most crucial tasks of facilities management. You can avoid or reduce commercial flood damage by identifying potential areas of concern and handling water intrusion concerns. 

Water Damage Restoration McDonough

From our flood damage restoration specialists, here are the leading causes of commercial building water damage to be aware of.

Worn Out HVAC System

Maintaining a functional HVAC system is essential to keep your facility comfortable and safe for your employees and customers. But without proper care and maintenance by building managers, a worn-out HVAC system can become the cause of water damage concern. Heating and cooling systems that fail to function properly can cause extensive flood damage. If left unaddressed, such a problem may necessitate advanced commercial flood damage cleanup over time.

Damaged Sprinkler Systems And Pipes

All commercial properties are legally required to have a sprinkler system as well as a fire alarm installed for fire prevention. The sprinkler system should only be activated when there is excessive heat from a fire. But the sprinkler may become damaged and begin to malfunction over time. Even when there is no fire, your sprinkler system can sometimes activate, causing major flooding within the facility.

Roof Leak

The roofing of a commercial building is one of its most important components. Any type of damage to the building’s roofing system can result in water intruding on some levels. Minor water leaks can lead to visible and invisible damage in the facility’s lower levels. Facility managers could reduce the risk of commercial water leaks by scheduling frequent roof inspections.

Unchecked Window Damage

The majority of commercial building structures have plenty of windows. Although they are a crucial part of the overall structure as well as architectural design, they also offer an easy point of entry for water. Water getting in through windows is more common than many realize, whether it’s from rain or even from maintenance work like window cleaning. Commercial water damage caused by leaking windows is easily repaired by ensuring that the windows are properly sealed and not damaged.

Extreme Weather

Water damage in commercial properties can also be caused by natural disasters like hurricanes, rainstorms, and thunderstorms. Rainwater may run towards the groundwork of your building due to clogged gutters, which makes it more vulnerable to water damage. To avoid this, ensure that your building has an adequate drainage system and also the gutters are always clean and clear of dirt and blockages.

Maintaining basic building maintenance as well as exterior upkeep is one thing building managers could do to protect commercial properties from water damage. Fighting water damage may appear to be an epic struggle, but Restoration 1 of McDonough is here to help. After water damage has occurred in your facility, contact Restoration 1 of McDonough right away.

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Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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