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Replacing Faucets, Disposals and Sinks Can Lead To Water Damage Leaks

water damage restoration mcdonoughWhen you want to spruce up the kitchen, you can make a more functional and enjoyable space by upgrading a few fixtures or appliances. Sometimes, you don’t need a designer to reimagine the home- you just need to switch out the tired, scratched sink for a new one.  

The first time you try a do-it-yourself project,  like  installing a new faucet, you’ll have some trial and error. Leaks after replacement  might happen, even when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Several common issue might occur:

Threaded pipes and fitting connections are prone to leaks if they’re not sealed. Professional plumbers use both pipe joint compound and teflon on every joint for extra security; you shouldn’t skimp on this step. Shut off valves often use compression joints– brass or plastic rings (ferrules) that form a seal when you tighten the nut. If you under or over tighten, you might spring a leak. 

Plastic and metal pipes may develop tiny cracks or breaks in them from rough handling during installation. Instead of drips at the typical connection points, it will develop drips from a section of pipe or somewhere along the flexible supply lines.

In homes that have “hard water,” (high mineral content from magnesium, calcium, or potassium), debris can build up in pipes and cause corrosion or blockages. But also, when you change elements of the plumbing, tiny bits of this hardened calcium can break loose and clog the filter screens. When the water tries to exit the faucet but meets the resistance, it can build up pressure and stress any broken O-rings or loose connections.  

Water Damage Restoration in McDonough

Find The Source 

If you see evidence of excess water in your sink area after making DIY repairs, investigate right away. You want to avoid water damage and mold. Clear out the area under the sink. Wipe off all the plumbing parts; put some clean paper towels down to catch any drips. Plug the sink with the stopper and fill the basin. Using a flashlight, search for the leak location.  

If you suspect the side of the sink with the disposal, think “Safety first!” Before testing the garbage disposal for leaks, unplug it at the wall outlet plus turn off the power from the breaker box to prevent electrical shock. Where do you see the dampness?  Leaks near the top of the unit are more likely to show themselves while the sink is plugged; side and bottom leaks are more noticeable while the sink is unplugged.   

Should A Leaking Garbage Disposal Be Repaired?  

If you discover a leak from your disposal, you might be able to repair it. But unless your disposal is covered by a warranty, your time, effort, and cost of fixing the internal seal steer you to replacing the appliance.  

Many times fixing an old one creates problems. The metal sink flange is typically sealed with a plumber’s putty that needs to be replaced and resealed. Often the metal and plastic pieces don’t seal well after repairs and could lead to a leak later.  

On the other hand, you might want a new sink but are happy with the disposal. While it’s not always necessary to replace your disposal , it may be a good time to do so. You definitely should change it out for a new one if your unit is over ten years old. Most disposals have a life expectancy of about 10 years.

Contact the Pros

After you’ve fixed the problem, you might find some water damaged areas under the sink, in the cabinets or on the floor. If your kitchen has experienced water damage from the disposal or sink, trust in the experts at Restoration 1 of McDonough for unbeatable property restoration. Not only will they clean up the space and repair damaged materials, they will protect the home from future mold. The certified mold experts will follow the safest procedures to prevent the spread of mold spore in the job site. 

In Central Georgia, Restoration 1 of McDonough is available 24/7 to handle your repairs. If extensive damage will require replacement and restoration, the team can help you with your dream kitchen.  Or when you want to take some time with careful planning, talk with water damage cleanup professionals for ideas and quotes. 

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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