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Stockbridge Commercial Property Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage cleanup stockbridgeHandling the aftermath of a fire at your place of business can be difficult. You risk losing customers and profits every minute your company is closed. Worse, the damages do not end after the fire is put out. Lingering odors, corrosion from smoke and soot, and dangerous chemicals all remain, posing serious health concerns to the property’s occupants.

Fire Damage Cleanup Stockbridge

Overall, if your commercial building is not tended to fast, you will retrieve fewer things and structures, which will cost you more time and expense. Here are some ways a fire damage cleanup service can help a business following a fire.

Smoke Odors

Commercial fires, like other fires, produce a strong odor that surrounds the premises, furnishings, appliances, and the air. Those smells are largely due to the fire source itself, the fire debris, soot, and leftover water and chemicals used to put out the fire. You must deal with the debris first. Fire damage cleanup professionals move fast to clear the debris and soot from the property once the fire department and the insurance company have identified the source and cause of the fire.

Soot Removal

A large portion of business fire sites is covered in thick layers of soot combined with moisture. After a fire, soot is a black, dry powdered charcoal and chemical residue of the burnt materials. Soot’s acidic or chemical nature can cause additional damage to just about any surface it comes into contact with, depending on the items burned in commercial fires.

Soot removal can minimize the risk of permanent soot stains and lower the price of repair. Experts use industrial vacuums to remove the layers and bulk of powdery soot after fires, which is a critical stage in fire damage cleanup.

Residual Water

Mold is always an issue after fires. If the remaining water from putting out the fire is not handled correctly, mold can grow everywhere on the property. Mold spores react with the excess moisture in the air. To remove water and moisture that might contribute to airborne mold spores, commercial fire damage cleanup requires dehumidifiers and industrial-grade air movers. All through the process, every surface must be properly cleaned and wiped down using antibacterial products.

Contaminated Property Cleanup

It is critical to clean and sanitize your commercial building. It is the most vital step before workers return to work. This guarantees that the building is habitable once more, and also that everything within is clean, safe, and structurally sound. Using a skilled emergency restoration service immediately will help minimize the cost of repairs and keep lost business or income down.

Fires can be costly and destructive to your commercial building. The most difficult task for all parties would be to repair, restore, or replace the assets to resume normal operations. Using experts with vast experience in the fire damage restoration procedure, like Restoration 1 of McDonough, can help you calm down and repair your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will assist you with fire damage cleanup in Stockbridge at any time, 24/7. Call us today.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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