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Winter Water Damage Restoration To Your McDonough Cabin

water damage restoration mcdonoughHere in central Henry County,  “going to the cottage”,  “staying at the lake”, or “communing with nature” often means a weekend with friends and family out in the countryside. For many lucky families, that means a second home near the mountains or a  beach cottage with a screened porch. Whether your style is an Alpine lodge, a log cabin, a ski chalet, a fish camp, or even a single wide mobile home, all can suffer water damage while you are away. 

Many family cabins are older or built with simple, inexpensive materials. But even a brand new mini mansion will have problems when there is a delay after a leak. Any lag time before discovery can lead to a lot of damage. Water damage is progressive; the longer that small water leak is allowed to drip, the more damage to your cabin.  Even worse, the environment might pose a health threat to your extended family from built up mold spores.

Water Damage Restoration In McDonough

Flooded Homes 

That awesome view won’t seem so awesome if the lake or river rose up and managed to inundate your home while you were away. If your cabin has experienced a flood, water damage is inevitable. Whether the floodwaters were only one-inch high or several feet, debris from that water will add additional clean up problems. Plus, you’ll have to sterilize the surfaces to combat mold growth. 

A flooded cabin is beyond normal DIY skills. You might need to remove the lower parts of the drywall, rewire electrical systems, and combat mold. If you return to a flooded home, close the door and call the experts to meet you out there. You’ll have to change your weekend plans to avoid a future disaster!

Condensation in Closed Up Cabins

Since you seal and lock every entrance when you leave, any moisture trapped inside can begin to cause damage in your residential cabin. Closing up the windows and vents will keep out critters, but will impede ventilation and sunlight.  When you leave water vapor in a dark, moist space mold, mold and mildew can flourish. 

Use the programmable thermostat to keep some air flowing even when you are gone. Consider replacing it with a new unit that you can monitor via an app on your phone. Controlling moisture and condensation inside the house also improves the energy efficiency of the house, resulting in lesser heat and cooling expenses.

Normal Leaks, Drips and Plumbing Problems

It’s not that second homes have more water damage than primary homes, it’s that the damage goes unnoticed longer. Additionally, hard water  from a well will cause faucets to degrade more quickly. Keep a sharp eye for spongy floors, stains on the ceiling, and musty smells that can indicate slow leaks. Definitely don’t lock up the house without a diagnosis of the problem- it certainly won’t get better on its own. Call R1 of McDonough to investigate and solve any water damaged areas before they get worse.  

Due to the remote location and occasional use, water damage and flood-related damage require attention from certified, trained professionals like the team members here atxxxn. When you suspect trouble, keep your family safe, avoid standing water, and call the experts in McDonough.

24-Hour Emergency Service in McDonough

Whether it happens in your primary home, your commercial business, or your vacation home, water damage demands immediate attention. Restoration 1 is available 24/7 to handle emergency damage. R1 of McDonough provides top-tier fire, water, and mold damage restoration services in Central Georgia.

Each technician is certified and licensed by the IICRC and IAQA. These professionals will approach your property damage with the latest and most successful techniques and equipment. Rely on the experts in Henry County.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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