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Five Tips For Preventing House Fires And Damage Cleanup

fire damage cleanup stockbridge, fire damage repair stockbridge, fire damage restoration stockbridgeOf all the disasters that could happen within your Stockbridge home, a fire is the most important one to prevent. Fires, unlike other disasters, are always extremely dangerous and have the potential to completely destroy a home. Thus, it’s extremely important that you do all you can to prevent fires in your home. Before you can do anything to prevent fires though, you must know what you can do to prevent them. Here are five tips from our restoration experts at Restoration 1 of McDonough on how to keep your home fire damage free.

Fire Damage Cleanup Prevention Tips

  1.     Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly
  2.     Clean Your Oven And Stove
  3.     Clean Out Your Dryer Lint
  4.     Safely Store Flammable Liquids
  5.     Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

Smoke alarms are your first and most simple defense against fires. They are also very easy to maintain. Just make sure that you replace the batteries regularly to ensure that they will work in the case of a fire.

Clean Your Oven And Stove

It’s easy to spill food on your stovetop or on your oven without noticing. At the same time, it’s just as easy to notice the spill but then forget to clean it up later. However, this is a mistake that can lead to a fire very quickly. This is especially true of grease spills. Grease can catch fire easily and grease fires are very difficult to put out. Make sure that you regularly clean your oven and stove top so you can remove any unnoticed or forgotten spills before they cause any problems.

Clean Out Your Dryer Lint

A dryer with a full dryer lint trap is a recipe for a fire disaster. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and even the smallest spark can cause it to burst into flames and start a fire. As scary as this may sound, the good news is that preventing a dryer lint fire is extremely easy. Just remove the dryer lint after each load. Make sure you are in a good habit of doing this so you don’t have to worry about this hazard.

Safely Store Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids like kerosene, gasoline, and aerosol cans (just to name a few) are a serious fire hazard if not properly stored. Even just a few drops of one of these liquids outside of their containers can easily catch fire from a spark. It’s also important to safely store such liquids so they are out of the reach of children. It’s best to keep them in a high, locked cabinet if you can.

Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Having a fire extinguisher handy can prove to be the difference between a small, transient fire and a massive inferno that takes down the whole house. Usually the differences aren’t this dramatic, but it certainly can happen. Thus, you should keep a couple fire extinguishers in your home (with one in the kitchen for sure) so you can quickly respond to and put out any fire that starts while you are home.

Hopefully, these tips help keep you safe and your home free from the need for fire damage restoration. Nonetheless, if your Stockbridge home is ever affected by a fire, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Restoration 1 of McDonough for help.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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