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Kitchen Sink Trends And How To Avoid Water Damage Cleanup 

water damage cleanup mcdonough, water damage repair mcdonough, water damage mcdonoughIn your Middle Georgian home, the most common reason to find water beneath your kitchen sink is that the drain has a leak. Shifting plumbing lines, worn-out connections, or even pipe corrosion could cause fractures in the plumbing lines beneath your sink, which cause water that flows down your drain to slowly and steadily leak out. Or a poorly installed seal around the counter top can degrade over time. First you need to find the cause. Then you can decide whether to fix or upgrade the sink. Doing this process will ensure the best care and avoid major water damage cleanup in your home. 

Water Damage Cleanup In McDonough

The kitchen sink is an unexpected place to bring character and personality into a kitchen. The latest designs offer new possibilities in color, texture, function and art. If you have a leak in your kitchen, use the opportunity to make repairs and include some eye catching and solid design to your home.

After this last year and a half, the kitchen is really the new family room and has a little bit of everything. So make it yours. Every year brings new styles, fashions, and fads in interior design, as well as a revival of old favorites, and the continuation of timeless classics. Restoration 1 of McDonough offers some ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen renovation.

Bright white is a classic favorite. But you can also consider more overall color: millwork, islands, cabinets, and walls. Warm, cozy colors like beige, light orange, brown, and aqua are being touted in contrast to the cooler colors that were popular in recent years: dark hunter, emerald green, denim blue. And for a beachy or natural setting, rustic wood look is still a favorite kitchen trend of 2021.  

Sink Colors And Materials

For years, a majority of sinks today are white porcelain or stainless steel. Designers and manufacturers are greeting the new year with whole new concepts in kitchen sinks. Look for sinks with changeable colored panels so you can switch the look at your whim, sinks with intricate and artistic designs.

One upgrade could help your health; nonporous quartz sinks will not only help prevent the spread of bacteria. Options are sleek and modern or a more traditional style. Copper sinks will also start to make their way into more residential settings, as copper is one of the few materials that has the ability to kill bacteria.

Shapes and Textures

Apron-front sinks are a classic style popular in modern farmhouse kitchens. But a new variety of colors and textures is expanding options: metallic flecks, coastal-inspired wavy texture, matte black fireclay.

Undermount sinks offer a different experience. A colorful undermount sink is an unexpected surprise that isn’t visible until you’re standing over it. Another option is  a small shelf tucked inside that keeps sponges and scrub brushes accessible yet hidden at the front of the sink.

Workstation Sinks

 If you are ready for a major remodel, consider adding an additional workstation or prep station sink. These sinks feature sliding pieces and inserts such as colanders, cutting boards, bins, drying racks, shelves for sponges and more.  Homeowners can customize the sink with optional accessories like a knife holder, a grating kit and a drying rack.  

Futuristic Faucets

As for faucets, touchless is becoming the new normal. With sensor-activated options, touchless faucets will help keep the kitchen sink area sanitary, especially when multiple people are utilizing that space within the home. Smart faucets connected to the Internet can be controlled with your phone or with voice commands, or even motion-activated.

They can also be programmed with temperature and water pressure presets. Pull-out faucets with retractable flexible hoses will also be popular. Choose brass or colors to match the decor in matte or brushed finishes.

Water Damage Cleanup in McDonough

If your kitchen has experienced water damage from the sink, fridge or dishwasher, Restoration 1 of McDonough is available 24/7 to handle clean up and repairs. If extensive damage will require replacement and restoration, the team can help you with your dream kitchen.  Call for emergency relief– technicians are always available. Or when you want to take some time with careful planning, talk with water damage cleanup professionals to connect for ideas and quotes.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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