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Preventing Fire Damage In Your  McDonough Kitchen

fire damage mcdonoughKitchens are the most common room of the home where fires start. This should come as no surprise with all the different heat sources in a kitchen. Just one wrong move in your kitchen can lead to a fire starting. Below are five kitchen fire prevention tips as recommended by our fire damage experts at Restoration 1 of McDonough.

Watch What You’re Cooking

The threat of a kitchen fire is largely dependent on what you are cooking. Thus, you should exercise extra caution in the kitchen if you are doing things such as frying or grilling. Another important way to diminish the risk of kitchen fires is to never leave the kitchen if a heat source is on. For example, if you are cooking ground beef on your stove, you shouldn’t leave the heat on if you have to leave the kitchen.

Be In A Safe Condition To Cook

Not being in a good condition to cook can be as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than not closely watching your cooking. If you are under the influence of alcohol, exceedingly sleepy, or under the influence of mind-altering drugs you should avoid cooking. You should especially avoid cooking that involves using heat sources.

Clean Your Cooking Surfaces

Keeping your cooking surfaces clean is an important way of preventing kitchen fires. Dirty stove tops contaminated with oil, grease, and food can cause problems and potentially lead to a fire. Every time after you cook, you should wipe down all cooking surfaces to keep them clean and free of debris. Along with keeping your surfaces clean, you should also keep your cooking surfaces clear. This means you should make sure that flammable items like wooden spoons, rags, paper towels, and paper plates clear of the stovetop.

Use Appliances Wisely

Kitchen appliances cause millions of dollars’ worth of fire damage every year. To avoid adding to this number you should:

    • Read the instructions carefully and heed all safety warnings given
    • Act on product recalls right away
    • Check the power cords on each of your appliances and replace them right away if you find that they are frayed
    • Avoid using extension cords. They increase the likelihood of electrical issues. Appliances should always be plugged directly into outlets.
    • Keep your appliances clean from grease and other food debris
  • Inspect your appliances regularly to make sure they are in good working order and schedule repairs if needed

Maintain Personal Safety

Be careful that nothing about the way you are dressed can contribute to a kitchen fire. For example, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing around hot cooking surfaces. You should tuck in your shirts and secure long hair. Finally, keep children and pets away from hot cooking surfaces.

We hope you find these tips helpful for preventing kitchen fires. However, if you do suffer from water damage in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Restoration 1 of McDonough for help. Our professional fire damage restoration technicians will be right out to help you restore the damage.

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