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What Are the Benefits of Water Damage Restoration?

At Restoration 1 of McDonough, we know that the benefits of water damage restoration are innumerable. If you have a colossal flood, or a water intrusion episode of any size in your home or business, you’ll want an expert who has seen similar instances time and time again. You’ll want the professionals to help you navigate the concerns and the stress that come with water damage. Here are the benefits of water damage restoration, and at Restoration 1, it’s what we bring to your home or business.  

Comprehensive Water Cleanup

Without question, after a water episode, your only goal is to get the water out and get your property dried. This is crucial, as no permanent repairs can be done until the affected materials and components have proven to be fully dry. A reputable restoration company will show up at your home or business with the necessary tools to remove the water at a fast pace. This should include pumps and wet vacuums that can remove gallons of water in no time at all, because they know that the longer water sits, the more damage will set in.

Expertise on What Can Be Salvaged

Especially if the water episode was major, your first reaction is probably going to be extreme. You might believe that multiple furnishings and home components need to be stripped and disposed of. You might think that since they are soaked, they’ll never be the same. But a lot of factors come into play in deciding whether or not to throw things away, and a professional will understand these factors. For instance: How long was the item or material sitting in water? What kind of water was it? Can it be restored by professionals elsewhere? You will save a lot of money enlisting professional help, as any highly reputable company will only advise throwing away items or stripping out things that are not safe in the long run.

The Prevention of Mold Growth

Expert water mitigation tactics will also work to do everything to prevent a mold infestation from developing later. After the standing water is removed, the affected area needs to be left to dry for as long as needed, depending on water volume and how far the water spread. Keep in mind that if the water influx was vast, this may take days to even a week or longer. But patience is key, and corners cannot be cut. If they are, you could be looking at potential structural instability, other dangers, and of course, mold growth. Mold needs only three things to begin developing: moisture, warmth, and a surface to attach itself to. With prolonged exposure, mold can prove dangerous to the health of you and your family, or your employees and customers, which is why a professional’s experienced opinion will only benefit you.

Call Restoration 1

You have a great option in our area – Restoration 1 of McDonough is one of those reputable restoration companies. A team of the most highly trained and qualified technicians, Restoration 1 of McDonough has seen and restored many water episodes over the years, and we want to help you get through yours. Reach us at any time, 24/7, by calling (770) 468-0400. We serve the surrounding cities of Fayetteville, Georgia, and we are ready to help you.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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