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The Home Fire Problem in McDonough, Georgia

Home fires are unfortunately occurring as frequently as ever across the United States. In an instant, a single complication could create a spark or flame that brings your home down, taking everything that matters to you with it. The sad truth is that many Americans are unaware of the most common causes of home fires and the simple precautions they should be taking to avoid fires in their homes.Restoration 1 is committed and determined to educate homeowners across the country on home fire prevention, which is why they have created an infographic to highlight important data. Your local team at Restoration 1 of McDonough is happy to answer any questions, and is always available to assist should you experience a disaster in your home.

Cooking Fires

Cooking fires provide huge potential for a larger home fire. Even the most seasoned cooks cannot afford to be too confident in the kitchen. Some of the leading reasons for home fires while cooking include leaving the room while you have something on the stove, or leaving something in the oven too long without running a timer. Simply paying better attention could mean the difference between a responsibly cooked meal or a devastating home fire.

In addition, never leave anything flammable too close to the burners on your stove, and pay extra attention while frying. Cooking is a special time to bring families together – do not jeopardize that through inattention.

Electrical and Heating Fires

Homes in McDonough and across the area vary in age. Age plays a part in home fires in several ways; older appliances, electrical wiring, outlets, and the like often struggle to be compatible with our modern devices.

Common heating or air conditioning fires are often unrelated to our HVAC systems; we see issues with standalone, older appliances like space heaters or window units that cannot keep up with the amount of use, or are simply too worn out to continue functioning appropriately. Portable heaters, especially when covered, are another major fire hazard.

If you live in an older home with fewer power outlets available to you, you may choose to use power strips for additional outlets. Keep in mind that a power strip uses a lot of electricity at one time. It is not recommended to use power strips continuously; turn them off or unplug them when not in use.

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